Oh Juliet
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Thursday, December 28, 2017
By Eco Chic Blossoms
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Sometimes, less is more and simple is more elegant, than over the top, and that is exactly what Kat Pullens wedding at Airlie Gardens embodied. They got married in the back of the gardens by the fountain and let the natural beauty of the grounds be the perfect backdrop for their summer vows. Peaches and white with soft minty greenery is the color palette she chose for the flowers that were a soft complement to the mint accent color of the bridesmaid's dresses, groomsmen's bow ties, and suspenders.

The bride got ready at the spacious loft Belle Vue in downtown Wilmington and with the vast number of large windows makes for the best natural light a make-up artist or photographer could ask for. The rustic vintage style of laced burlap mason jars and tall white lanterns lent itself well to the brick walls of 128 South where the reception was held. Kat's bouquet was another attribute to simple elegance being made of all peach Juliet garden roses, that smell just like what you imagine a rose smells like. There could not have been a more perfect summer evening to end their wedding day with a long walk down the boardwalk into the sunset. 

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